ERCIEM LLC Industrial Chemistry Laboratory

ERCIEM LLC is a developer and manufacturer of unique chemicals and construction / repair compounds of a new generation, intended for:

  • cleaning any containers and surfaces from residues of oil products, for example, when preparing tank cars for repairs or for loading new products ("NefteRip");
  • cleaning any surfaces (metal, plastic, stone, glass, etc.) from the remnants of old protective paint and varnish coatings of any kind of complexity during repair and restoration work and when renewing protective coatings ("ColorRip");
  • protection of metal products and structures from corrosion ("PreoCorr");
  • protection against aggressive influences and restoration of concrete products and structures, as well as for prompt sealing of seams and joints while increasing frost resistance and water tightness of concrete products ("RenoBet");
  • express diagnostics of loaded parts and assemblies (including non-metallic ones) by the capillary method of non-destructive testing without dismantling ("Indicator RDW-10");
  • prevention of freezing and express defrosting of bulk cargo ("FrostRip");
  • cleaning, disinfection and many other chemical products. 

Our chemical products

The products and technologies developed by the company are distinguished by high environmental friendliness, a characteristics unique combination, affordable price and technological ease' use.

The experience of using our preparations and production tests show that the use of our developments provides:

  • significant cost reduction and increased efficiency of production processes and works;
  • significant reduction in work time and labor costs;
  • significant savings in electricity, water and other resources;
  • improving the environmental friendliness of production processes and labor protection of personnel. 

The combination of these characteristics and the affordability of our products allow us to say that its use is a highly environmentally friendly and economically attractive alternative to traditional methods and imported drugs used today in many areas of industry.

ERCIEM LLC also fulfills orders for the development and production of new chemical products according to the technical specifications of the Customer (including semi-finished products or under a trademark) and provides services for their practical application at various facilities.

ERSIEM LLC strictly observes the legislation. We strive to build long-term, open and honest relationships with all contractors and customers.

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