Delivery and payment terms

Pickup In case of self-pickup, you can specify in advance the most convenient dealer for you in order to receive the ordered products from his warehouse. Please note that due to coronavirus restrictions, loading is best done by yourself.

If you need help with loading - let us know in advance. You can independently receive products from the warehouse at the address: Ramenskoye MO, st. Karl Marx, 5.

Cost of delivery

Delivery of products is carried out at the expense of the Buyer, unless otherwise stipulated by the terms of the Agreement.

Delivery can be carried out in the Customer's container (some types of products), in transport boxes and on pallets (you can specify the dimensions and net / gross weight when placing an order).

We work with different transport companies (light vehicles, small cars 0.6-3 tons, freight transport, including length meters) and various delivery services. We can send your order by road or rail, container or groupage cargo in Russia, the CIS and the world. But for an accurate calculation, we need specific data: the place where to carry the cargo, how it will be packed, how much (weight and dimensions), whether loading / unloading is needed, etc. Give us this data and we will make the most acceptable calculation of the timing and cost and inform you.

Transportation and storage rules

ERCIEM LLC products can be transported by all types of transport in accordance with the marking on the package.

Chemicals should be stored in covered, dry, ventilated warehouses, protected from moisture and direct sunlight. When sending our products on pallets in transport boxes, we will carefully wrap the entire cargo on the pallet with special film (this is free for you).

ERCIEM LLC products should not be exposed to negative temperatures for a long time, since when the state of aggregation changes due to freezing, an increase in the packaging volume may occur, which will cause deformation and violation of the tightness of the package.

Check with the manufacturer in advance about the need to comply with the temperature regimes of certain products of ERCIEM LLC. Not all of our products can be frozen without loss of quality.

If you cannot personally be present at the loading of the purchased goods, this is not a problem, we will complete everything ourselves in accordance with the transport and contractual conditions, we will carry out or control the loading, we will supply all the necessary set of documents.