General thematic direction

The ERCIEM LLC conducts continuous market research and develops drugs for various applications, including customized products in targeted areas. Our products are used in industry in various fields, mechanical engineering, ship repair, road facilities, housing and communal services and other areas under the brands and Customers names for whom our recipe was developed and implemented.


  1. Means for cleaning smooth and shiny surfaces, glass, mirrors, monitors, office equipment.
  2. Neutral detergents for delicate surfaces manual and mechanical (scrubber) cleaning made of polished granite, marble, plastic.
  3. Neutral antibacterial, preservatives with enhanced penetration effect - to biodegradable products eliminate odors’ and to prevent rotting in inaccessible places (pipes, cavities, cracks).
  4. Antiseptic alkaline agents with active chlorine for equipment cleaning and disinfection in the food, dairy industry, as well as for everyday household use and washing clothes.
  5. Means for removing tar and soot, grease, burns from walls and frames in smoking and cooking chambers using automatic circulation systems.
  6. Acid universal means for the tiles complete cleaning, technological equipment and plumbing.
  7. Means for removing white plaque and efflorescence on brick, for complete cleaning of concrete mixers, as well as for cement and whitewashing removing traces after construction and renovation.
  8. Low alkaline detergents with controlled foaming for washing machines, used as an aid to improve the linen and workwear washing and degreasing quality (washing powders powerful amplifiers).
  9. Neutral non-damaging agents with a powerful antibacterial effect - for washing floors, walls, interiors - with washed surfaces anti-static effects and surface contamination complete elimination.
  10. Means for polymerized fats burns and residues quick removal from the non-ferrous metal products surfaces (eg aluminium) and ceramics.
  11. Low-alkaline detergents for cleaning refrigerating chambers - to remove oil and fat and pigment contaminants with residual odours simultaneous removal (without the need for final rinsing with water).
  12. Detergents for universal use with an antibacterial effect for organic, protein, fat, animal, etc. removing complex combined contaminants character.
  13. Means for removing resinous deposits and soot, caked fats residues, old burns from the walls and frames in smoking and cooking chambers.
  14. Environmentally friendly (4-hazard class) means for drain pipes quick cleaning from organic nature complex contaminants.
  15. Means for chewing gum residues complete removal from all types of surfaces (glass, fabric, asphalt, etc.).
  16. Means for adhesive tape adhesive residues and traces complete removal from all surfaces types (glass, ceramics, fabric, etc.).
  17. Means for protection against concrete, brick and stone surfaces external moisture (water repellents).
  18. Means for volumes and surfaces deodorization (unwanted odours' removal) with a powerful antibacterial effect.
  19. Universal detergents for washing vehicles at any time of the year (at any temperatures).
  20. Universal detergents for complete finishing cleaning after renovation and construction work.