The company's products are supplied to enterprises, retail stores, construction markets and retail chains

Our products are manufactured according to our recipe, and the chemical technologies and products developed and produced by us in Russia today confidently surpass the foreign competitors' products in all key complex characteristics and have a high price availability for domestic consumers.

Universal composition for cleaning surfaces from any paint and varnish materials. Composition for paint and varnish coatings (PVC) all types' effective removal from surfaces of various types
Chemical composition for protecting metal from corrosion. An innovative iron oxide converter based on a complex combination, mineral salts, surfactants and corrosion inhibitors for metals long-term protection from corrosion.
Ecological composition for cleaning from hydrocarbon contaminants. A highly environmentally friendly composition that provides waste-free and economical cleaning from pollution caused by the cleaned objects' interaction with an oil products wide range (diesel, fuel oil, etc.) - salt compositions and organic compounds innovative composition, developed according to the maximum synergetic effect criterion while maintaining environmental friendliness.
Means for parts, units and mechanisms cleaning, from oils, coolant and petroleum products residues. A highly environmentally friendly composition that provides parts and assemblies reliable and economical cleaning from contamination arising in the metals industrial processing (coolant, oils, etc.), after conservation, etc
Penetration waterproofing for concrete, brick and stone structures. Penetrating waterproofing compound for aboveground, underground and roofing (for concrete, brick and stone surfaces) works. Repairing compound for leaks quick repair and mould complete removal.
Completely environmental composition against freezing and for bulk cargo quick defrosting. Environmentally friendly (biodegradable) composition with high penetration characteristics, bulk cargo particles preventing freezing at negative temperatures.
Hidden defects express indicator. A new generation expresses indicator for detecting hidden defects and performing operational non-destructive testing.
Composition for infrastructure and heat supply systems hydrochemical flushing. A surfactants innovative composition based on a non-aggressive acidic component in combination with unique corrosion inhibitors.

Each unit of goods:

  • equipped with a barcode;
  • has a label with a description of the volume, purpose and rules of use;
  • an indication of the manufacturer of the goods and contact information.

Products of 50 and 100 ml have their own boxes with a barcode, an indication of the volume, purpose, rules of use, an indication of the manufacturer of the product and contact information on the box itself and the label of each unit of the product.

Products up to 1 liter are packed in shipping boxes, depending on the configuration / capacity of the shipping box.

Products in cans / buckets over 1 liter are also labeled with the above information. Usually delivered on pallets, but other shipping options are also possible.

The delivery of goods can be made on pallets or in transport boxes.