Means for parts, units and mechanisms cleaning, from oils, coolant and petroleum products residues. A highly environmentally friendly composition that provides parts and assemblies reliable and economical cleaning from contamination arising in the metals industrial processing (coolant, oils, etc.), after conservation, etc


  • It does not form stable water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsions, as which a result washed-out contaminants immediately float to the surface and are easily separated from the working solution
  • After a quick and natural separation from dirt, the working solution is immediately suitable for further use without losing its high cleaning characteristics


  • High detergent characteristics are provided by the salt components' interaction synergistic effect with a surfactants organic composition that completely removes oil and fat films due to the wedging effect that occurs on the surface metal being cleaned


  • NefteRip-M provides flushing processes in a fully closed cycle mode, without effluents, atmospheric emissions and discharges, without harm to the environment
Application areas
  • Transport
  • Metalworking
  • Engineering

NefteRip-M is delivered in containers of 10 liters or more, as well as in barrels of any required volume.