Ecological composition for cleaning from hydrocarbon contaminants. A highly environmentally friendly composition that provides waste-free and economical cleaning from pollution caused by the cleaned objects' interaction with an oil products wide range (diesel, fuel oil, etc.) - salt compositions and organic compounds innovative composition, developed according to the maximum synergetic effect criterion while maintaining environmental friendliness.


  • When washing oil products, it does not form stable emulsions of the «water-in-oil» and «oil-in-water» type, as which a result the washed oil product
    separates itself from the NefteRip and floats to the surface
  • The water content (NefteRip solution) in the oil products washed fraction does not exceed 5-8% within 15 minutes after the initial settling and can easily be reduced to 1%
  • NefteRip retains its high detergent properties in the entire temperature range of 5-95°C
  • After fractions separation, the washed oil products are returned to economic circulation
  • Has the 4th (lowest) hazard class, environmentally friendly and safe


  • NefteRip steadily maintains its working qualities up to 100 washing cycles, which reduces the replacing the detergent composition cost and minimizes the waste product disposal volume


  • NefteRip provides flushing processes in a fully closed cycle mode, without effluents, atmospheric emissions and discharges, without harm to the environment
  • On the NefteRip basis, economical and highly environmentally friendly technology for washing railway tank cars has been developed and successfully applied (in preparation for repair or product replacement)
Application areas
  • Transport
  • Armed forces / fleet
  • Engineering

NefteRip is delivered in containers of 20 liters or more, as well as in barrels of any required volume.