Hidden defects express indicator. A new generation expresses indicator for detecting hidden defects and performing operational non-destructive testing.


  • It is used without dismantling the mechanism or its units and additional preparatory procedures (magnetization, heating, cooling, etc.)
  • Effective for both magnetic and non-magnetic materials
  • Has high visualization both in the optical range and in ultraviolet light (optimal range - 360-385nm) without the additional developers use
  • Can be used without UV illumination and in combination with developers
  • Completely environmentally friendly, fire and explosion-proof, non-toxic, chemically inert, has the 4th (lowest) hazard, class


  • The express indicator works in a seconds matter (30-60)
  • The revealed effects remain visible for a long time (unlike most known penetrants)
  • Allows conducting an almost instant examination of the most difficult to reach places and parts


  • It does not require any additional devices and fixtures, all work is easily performed by one employee, without assistants
  • Contains only domestic components, is imports completely independent
Application areas
  • Mining industry
  • Oil and gas production
  • Bridges and large-sized metal structures
  • Transport
  • Metalworking
  • Armed forces / fleet
RDW-10 State Registration Certificate
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RDW-10 - Hidden defects express indicator 500 ml, Plastic

RDW-10 - Hidden defects express indicator

500 ml
on request
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